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At our Walmart project, we focused on the best customer service. Since the national retail corporation has high foot traffic, we wanted to ensure the safety and smoothness of the floor without compromising on aesthetic.

This project was broken up into two tasks: a natural earthy pour & polish, and a white concrete pour. White concrete is difficult to come by and therefore highly valuable. Our crew showcased their excellent work with both polish jobs.

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Queensborough Community College: a Case Study

Our second job at Queensborough Community College in a year, the cafeteria and student lounge project, located in the science building, involved several different procedures before it could be finished. The 17,500 square-foot area (nearly half an acre) is situated on two adjacent levels; our crew not only ground and polished the two main levels, but also designed and poured wheelchair-accessible ramps, four sets of steps and a large open sitting area.

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Bank of America

We laid down tightly-packed aggregate and completed a concrete pour over the aggregate at Bank of America. This project will be finished with a fine grind and polish.

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West 43rd Street

Our project on West 43rd street involved prepping the floor, grinding down old stone and polishing the concrete floor. The job called for polishing three offices, an elevator and a long hallway.

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